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Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero 2016 MMA Highlight #ynuevo
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I figured it was time for an update, for good reasons (his continued rise in the middleweight division) and sad reasons (the recent passing of Sharon Jones). So, here we are:

Yoel Romero is a complex man. He looks like a cartoon character come to life. He is one the most credentialed amateur wrestlers to ever fight in MMA, but sometimes he gets taken down by much lesser wrestlers. He’s an incredible athlete, but sometimes he just falls down for no apparent reason. The Vicar of Violence is an incredible destructive fighter, but looks plain goofy at other times. He may have soiled himself in the octagon once. Sometimes, he forgets to get off his stool after a round break. He talked about Gay Jesus once...maybe? But let's forget about that.

Either way, Romero is an incredible fighter, and his fights are often messy and chaotic in the best possible way. He’s a pleasure to watch in the cage, and this highlight video attempts to showcase the Yoel Romero experience in all its different facets – the absurd athleticism, the world class wrestling, the powerful striking, and of course also all the weird stuff. There’s always plenty of weird stuff involved when Yoel Romero is doing his thing. #ynuevo!

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